About me

My name is Irina Gilligan and I am a biontology practitioner.

Biontology fits very well with my personality: I love to research and find answers, seeking to answer the question, “Why?”

In my practice, I have to integrate knowledge of anatomy, physiology, Chinese medicine, acupuncture laws, homeopathy, and environmental circumstances and their influences on the body. I enjoy what I do.

As a child I grew up in a family with folk and grandma remedies for illness. That is why I never felt comfortable treating myself or the loved ones with prescribed medications.

Western medicine can be very effective in many cases, but it has its weak points:

  • it deals primarily with symptoms, not the cause;
  • it can have side effects that can potentially create more problems;
  • it looks at every part of the body separately, ignoring that all body organs and systems are connected.

Irina has a Masters degree in chemical engineering.
She is a certified biontologist.
She practises the healing form of Qigong.

After a period of prolonged stress I became seriously ill. My stomach was hurting and I could not eat. Then I developed other strange symptoms including joint pain and very strong fatigue. Many tests didn’t really show much.

My doctor told me that it looked like I had gastroparesis and offered me medication that I should take indefinitely. That conclusion didn’t agree with me at all. I knew there must be another way. That is how I discovered the Chiren.

After 5 sessions of biophoton therapy I was able to eat again and I definitely felt that I was on the road to recovery.

Chiren changed my life and brought me to new discoveries and the true understanding of how the body really works. I learned many things on the way to my personal recovery.

The most important lessons that I learned were how not to give up, how to have faith, how to take charge of your health, and how to take responsibility for the choices that we make every day.

It seems to us that we become sick overnight, but actually it takes a while from the time the body doesn’t work well till the first symptoms that make us feel ill. It takes time and patience to be well again.

I believe that body has an amazing capacity for self healing if we allow it to happen.

With the assistance of Chiren I listen to what the client’s body needs. My goal is to help people who feel desperate and are tired of being ill, who perhaps feel as frustrated as I was when I was looking for the answers no one could give me.

I would like to bring light back to their lives and help them believe it is very possible to be healthy. I help my clients restore their body’s own healing capabilities and enable them to become free of the need for medications. It is very rewarding to observe how the symptoms go away when the causes are removed and to see happy smiles on people’s faces when they feel well again.

Health is not a static condition. The body continuously has to deal with new situations. True healing heals the body physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The most important thing to remember is that the disease is rooted in how we treat our bodies and the way we think.