Does DNA emit light?

Biophotons And The Universal Light Code


Biontology is a holistic approach to health. The official website for biophoton therapy.


CFS unraveled 
This site is not only for those who are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. There is a great collection of the recovery stories. They are very inspiring and powerful for anyone who has been chronically ill for a long period of time. They will give you hope and ideas for new approaches to wellness.

Spring Forest Qigong
Qigong is an ancient discipline, one of the most powerful self-healing practices ever developed by mankind. This form of Qigong was designed for healing. It combines meditation, focused concentration, breathing techniques, and gentle body movements to activate and cultivate your vital energy.

Every tooth is connected to an internal organ in your body
After I read the book “Rescued by my Dentist,” I was fortunate to meet the author Dr D.Cook, a very special man and doctor. I wish everybody to  choose a dentist who understands the importance of the patient’s dental health.