“I met Irina 7-8 months ago. I wanted to see what she could do for my severe back pain. I was getting pain in the right side of my back and all down my right leg. Several people told me it was a bulging disk. Multiple times I was even having trouble walking. This had been ongoing for almost 2 years. I tried needling, physical therapy, rolfing, chiropractor and electric steam needling. None of these eliminated the pain. After only 3 visits with Irina I have been COMPLETELY pain free. I’m back to golfing and working out like I was before the injury. I’m a true believer in her practice. I truly thought I would never be pain free again. Thank You Irina Gilligan!”
Francis, Fort Collins, CO
After having lost all hope in Western medicine and trust for doctors, Irina has given me the health, hope and will to survive that I had been dreaming of the majority of my life. 

For fifteen years I had suffered from chronic Lyme Disease. In my early teens after having been bitten by a tick, I began showing all of the symptoms – chest pain, circulatory problems, digestive problems, back and muscle pain, frequent migraines, severe joint soreness, and hormonal issues including irregular and frequently missed periods. Coupled with the stressful environment I had been living in and an inability to figure out what was wrong with me, my symptoms escalated to simple-partial and grand mal seizures by the time I was 17 years old; by this age, I also had no menstrual cycle due to severe hormonal imbalance from the Lyme disease. With no real diagnosis or answers for why I was ailing so badly, doctors ignored my complaints of having physical pain under the assumption that because most of my blood tests were within normal range, I must have just been feeling emotional. After having been prescribed countless psychiatric medications that eventually did more harm than good, by the time I was 22 years old, my symptoms became so severe that was rapidly gaining and losing weight, was blacking out at random times from my heart problem and continued to have seizures dozens of times a day.

…Now, after just two months of being treated by Irina, I finally feel that I am on a path to being healthier than I have ever been in my life and I am showing almost none of the symptoms of poor health I was before. … Irina has also given me the knowledge I needed to keep up a healthy diet and lifestyle after treatment. I absolutely do not worry that I will ever become so unhealthy ever again. After feeling like I had lost my childhood to poor health, I now feel as if I have my life and freedom back. I absolutely would recommend this treatment to anyone.”

Devin, California
“I am writing on behalf of my mother. After the stress test for her heart, her cardiologist wanted to schedule the stent placement procedure.
Mom just started biophoton sessions. I asked the doctor to give us some time and check mom’s heart again with another stress test. Doctor felt that it was unlikely that the new tests would show different results, but agreed.
5 weeks later mom went to another stress test. The results surprised us all. The Doctor told us that mom doesn’t need any procedure and has to come in a year for a check up.
We are overjoyed and feel so lucky that we tried biophoton therapy. ”
Elena, Ft. Collins, CO
“In 2013 I had surgery for thyroid removal.  A few cancer cells were found in the thyroid, therefore I had several MRI’s, a radioactive shot and a full body scan, then I-14 radiation treatment to destroy any thyroid remaining.  Then a platelet abnormality was found in my blood, plus bone lesions on my spinal vertebra.  Instead of going back for more radiation, etc., I made 5 appointments with Irina Gilligan.  

…It falls in line with my belief system and how our bodies work….With each treatment, Irina also taught some protocols of how to keep the body well balanced and in tune so it can function more efficiently and heal itself. I left feeling great and in tune and arrived home with lots of energy. I certainly recommend Irina and biophoton therapy.”

Emma, Texas
“When I came to Irina I was at a very low and sick point of my life. I was on many medications for diabetes, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and insomnia. I was very skeptical that anything could help me with my condition.
Doing the light therapy I started to feel much better. Now I am no longer taking any medications. I feel wonderful and sometimes I feel so great I want to fly.
When my husband started the biophoton therapy he had chronic knee, hip and back pain, cold feet, high cholesterol, stomach problem and no energy. Now he feels so much better, no more pain in the hip and knees. At his last doctor visit he got a clean bill of health. He stopped his medications for cholesterol.
We are happy to have clear minds and focus again, and very good night sleep.
We are so thankful for being made of aware of Irina and her light therapy.
Biophoton therapy really works! We are so glad we gave it a try.
Everyone should try it.”
Danny and Judy, Loveland, CO
“While cooking supper I, badly burned my hand with the steam. Almost immediately the hand became very red, almost purplish in color, and very painful. I was treated shortly after the burn happened.
The pain disappeared right after a very short treatment. Within an hour all skin discoloration and redness was gone. That evening, my skin felt sensitive to the touch. Next morning the hand looked and felt like nothing never happened. It was truly an amazing experience.”
Asha, Florida
“My name is Mark M. and I was blessed to find Irina and her biophoton therapy as I had just received a 3rd degree burn on the back of my hand from my hot tub that melted due to a faulty heater.
The very next day there was no pain and the burn was not noticeable. To this day there is no scarring. Thank you so much.”
Mark M., Pueblo, CO
“I would like to state that my experiences with my ‘Biophotonics’ sessions have been very impressive.
First off, my practitioner Irina Gilligan nailed my old, ongoing problem in our first session, my kidneys. I had not mentioned this problem to her beforehand.
After several sessions, all my kidney pains ceased. I had been afraid that I was going to have another attack of kidney stones or kidney gravel. This has been a lifelong problem with me.
About a month later I had my yearly checkup with my Urologist, and he found that my kidneys were clear on my ultrasound results, and there was absolutely no blood in my urine, indicating practically zero probability of any particulates in the kidney!
The sessions have also helped a nagging psoriasis/dry skin problem that I have had.
I also find the sessions to be very non-intrusive.
Although I find that the theory behind Biophotonics to be a bit strange with respect to my Electrical Engineering training, I choose to accept data/results over the necessity of a ‘theoretical fit’.”
Dave B, Fort Collins, CO
“My experience with Biophoton therapy has been very rewarding.
I struggled with seasonal and possibly food allergies for at least 15 years or more. This first involved taking an OTC allergy medication mainly during the spring season but over the years progressed to taking 2 different allergy medications every day throughout the year.
Then I met a Biontologist named Irina, and learned about Biophoton therapy. I decided to give it a try, what did I have to lose besides my allergies.
After about 6 treatments, while continuing to take allergy meds, Irina suggested that I stop taking the allergy meds. I was very fearful of an allergy attack without taking the allergy meds. Well, I took a leap of faith and stopped taking the allergy meds. Each day I awakened with the thought, “is today the day that I have an allergy attack”. Well, after a while I stopped thinking about the allergy attacks, and the allergies altogether, and they have not returned. Sure I sneeze on and off, who doesn’t, but I do not take allergy medications any longer.
Biophoton therapy changed my life.“
Tim, Loveland, CO
“I had a very difficult situation with my skin: red spots, severe itching day and night, especially on my leg. The doctor told me that skin easily gets dry in Colorado. He prescribed me cream, that helped a little to suppress the unbearable itching. I finished one tube, then another…
I felt so desperate, I didn’t know what could I do next… The lower leg swelled and became all red.
I heard from my friend about biophoton therapy. I started the treatments with little hope.
The big red wet spots on my leg started to dry out. I knew it was a good sign.
It didn’t happen overnight, but all the redness was going away and the skin was healing.
Whatever it was (definitely not dry skin) is gone for a year now and I hope for good.
Oh, it is hard to find words for my joy and gratitude!
Dear Irina, thank you very much!”
Ella, Fort Collins, CO
“I started taking my son Ryan for Biophoton therapy in February 2013 because he had been complaining of headaches and stomach aches for several months and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Over the years this was a common complaint, but recently it had been getting worse. It was amazing how quickly his health got better. It was only about 2 sessions before we saw results. It is now April and he hasn’t had any more symptoms.
My son also has dyslexia and he had special training previously which improved his reading skills but his spelling was still in bad shape. We started him on Biophoton therapy for that. He had sessions for 10 days of 15 minutes a day. After the first 10 day sessions were over, we tested him and noticed an improvement in his spelling. He was so excited about the improvement that he asked for a second round of sessions which he is currently doing. His attitude has improved since we started having Biophoton therapy and he is getting along with his sister now. All in all, we are very happy with the results we are seeing.
I was so impressed that now both my daughter and I are having Biophoton sessions. I have noticed improvements in my health as well as my daughter’s.

In mid-March, our dog had gotten into a lot of chocolate that we were saving for Easter. It was coming out both ends and finally our Biophoton practitioner, Irina Gilligan decided to give our dog a session. It was interesting trying to give the dog therapy by securing the bars on with velcro. But it worked! No more incidents to clean up.

All in all, we are very happy with the results we are seeing.”

Ann L., Fort Collins, CO
“I had a very good experience with the biophoton treatment. I had been suffering from chronic migraines for a couple years. I would have lasting pulsating pain above either my right or left eye more than a couple of times a month. Most of the time they were associated with my menstrual cycle but also occurred on other occasions. After doing treatments I started to get headaches less often and I felt instant relief almost 20 minutes following the program. For the last few months I didn’t have any headaches.
I also had a time in which I got some sort of food poisoning. I woke up dizzy one morning and vomited. My stomach was churning and in pain. I called up Irina and asked to come see her quickly. She did a treatment that morning and I drank lots of water and the next day I was back in perfect health! I am very pleased with how biophoton treatments have helped me, and Irina is a wonderful practitioner.
She creates very comfortable, positive, and relaxing environment.”
Karen, Fort Collins, CO
“I want to say that I have been an athlete most of my life and I’ve had knee pain since my teens, without any major knee injuries. I’m now in my late 40’s. I’ve always sought out holistic therapies and finally came across biophoton therapy. After reading about biophoton therapy and then realizing that there was a Biontologist in Ft. Collins I decided to give it a try.
After some treatments my knee pain improved dramatically.
Now I can walk up stairs with minimal to no pain.”
Michael, Loveland, CO
“I had chronic bladder infections for years.
At first it was treated with antibiotics. It helped but after a short while it would come back.
I tried acupuncture, then herbs, and both only provided some temporary relief.
My bladder was aggravated by exposure to cold, sour food, and dehydration.
Because of this, I was limited from many activities and social events.
I couldn’t eat everything and if I forgot to drink water then the symptoms would come back quickly.
I didn’t know how could I get out of this desperate cycle of being unwell.
My friend told me about the biophoton therapy. I had never heard about it before.
I was ready to try it and see whether it would help.
Now, looking back on that situation, I feel very fortunate that I found this therapy. My chronic symptoms started to go away.
Irina advised me to slowly introduce some food I knew would make me sick.
I tried and felt fine again with citrus juices and tomato sauce.
I am very grateful to Irina for resolving my long time issue, removing my pains and fears.
I have been free of all symptoms for more than 7 months now. I am very happy.”
Elizabeth, Fort Collins, CO
“Biophoton therapy has helped me in a few different areas. I had a swollen liver and the heaviness and swelling went away. I also went to the hospital for kidney stones. After getting out, Irina treated me and after 4 treatments, I have not had any problems since. The prostate problem went away as well. She has also worked on some of my wounds ( I cut my finger and, stepped on a nail) that I received while working. I highly recommend this treatment and it is not at all invasive.”
Alex, Fort Collins, CO
“I have a computer job and sit in front of the computer for over 9 hours a day. Many days I would get headaches, eye pains, and feel uncomfortable. Irina’s simple biophoton treatments removed my headaches and improved my mental sharpness at work and at home. I have also noticed that her treatments have made me more resistant to the negative and draining influence of electronics.”
Eugene, Fort Collins, CO
“I was having micro twitches around my eyes. If you’ve ever experienced this sort of problem you know how annoying these little twitches can be. Well, I tried several home remedies without any success. Then I somehow came across an article about Biophoton Therapy. After first session I noticed the micro twitches decreased and so I signed up for more treatments.
While I was going for treatments I realized that I have more health issues than I thought. Actually I had become so used to some discomforts like lack of energy, poor sleep, indigestion, constipation. I take them as part of my life and aging. Irina helped me to take a different look at my lifestyle and the quality of my life. Everything improved.
Irina makes you feel very comfortable, offering all her support and knowledge. I am very grateful for everything she shared with me about food choices, vaccines, and exercises.
Thank you Irina!”
Julie, Fort Collins, CO
I came to Irina in October 2015 with concerns that I was in the beginning stages of Gastroparesis due to my ongoing battle with Late-Stage Lyme disease. For over 11 years my GI tract had numerous issues and it was rapidly getting worse; also, all those same years I struggled with severe fatigue, migrating musculoskeletal pains, and numerous other symptoms.
After my 1st treatment from Irina my neck pain was gone and has stayed gone! Routine chiropractic adjustments only gave minor relief for my neck.
After the 2nd treatment the soles of my feet have not hurt anymore! A few treatments later my eyesight quit being blurry and eye pain greatly improved and continues to improve! (Eye doctors had not been able to help this.) Also, the musculoskeletal pains improved after a few treatments and now they are gone other than what a healthy person naturally experiences!
By mid-November I had completed 8 treatments and my GI tract and fatigue are considerably better.
I don’t know how to fully express how highly I recommend Bio-photon treatments and having them done by Irina. She is very professional, intelligent, conscientious, and truly cares about people and their health. She, also, so kindly provided me with other information that would likely help me.
She responds quickly and kindly with communication by email and phone.
She truly is a pleasure to be with and provides a form of treatment that is an absolute blessing. This has changed my life in so many ways, one of which is that I have hope again….I can see the “light” at the end of the tunnel now!
Cathy, South Dakota